Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sameer's first birthday

Its been a while since we posted to this blog. What better day to restart blogging than our son Sameer's first birthday. What a fun-filled day it has been. I thought I should share the day with you all.
Ruchi made काला चना (kala chana) and सूजी का हलवा (sooji ka halwa) for breakfast for Sameer. To our delight, he ate both of these easily. This doubled up as pooja prasad also. We took this prasad to our local mandir, Durga Mandir. The prasad was an instant hit at the
mandir. We also ran into our friends Garima and Badal there.
After our mandir trip, we went to a local South Indian restaurant and had pessarattu upma and onion coconut rava dosa. Pessarattu upma is a green moong dal dosa with upma for stuffing. Betu ate vada. He is into crispy things these days.
While Ruchi was baking cup cakes for Sameer, I was busy playing ball with him.
We bought a volleyball sized ball for betu recently. Ruchi made these delicious carrot/apple cup cakes. When we sang "Happy Birthday to you", Betu, to our surprise, clapped for the first time. Betu liked the icing more than the cake.
His sleep schedule got a bit messed up today, but I am sure he enjoyed the day।


~nm said...

Wow! What yummies Rucha prepared. definitely a lovely way to celebrate Betu's first birthday.

We all had a wonderful time here celebrating Sameer's B'day in the big big way!

Swati Thapar said...

Sameer ki taali ka video dekh kar to mazza aa gaya.

Idhar humne bhi betu ki party mein khoob enjoy kiya.

PG said...

So good to know that Sameer enjoyed the day and the cake (or the icing!).
We enjoyed the time as well with everybody at the party.
So, thank you Sameer!

Loved the videos. He is looking so methu in the pictures.
Lots of puchchas from Mausi.

brocasarea said...

how cute!!..belated happy birthday!

aindrayan said...

We are so glad to get this and other graphic description of pyarey Sameeer ki birthday proceedings. Now he can clap, and show others too. We miss him so much 'every moment and all day long' for such a long time. Dadi, dadu ki taraf se bahut bahut pyar.